Tantric massage is a specific style of massage with a long history. There are principles of tantra, it is an ancient spiritual practice that originated in Central/ Southeast Asia. In most modern Western practices, tantric massage involves massaging and stimulating the entire body. Because it is an erotic massage, in Bratislavatantra salon masseurs and masseuses give special attention to sensitive areas, even genitals. Tantric massage also includes breathing, meditation and being mindful of your sexuality and spiritual elements. Tantra is sacred, not simply sexual as misconceptions are.

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Tantric massage also has a spiritual and energetic component where the practitioner or provider helps move the energy through the body. This can lead to healing and deep relaxation of the body. If you do some research on what tantric massage is, you will find different types of massage techniques. The salon offers a variety of them. Other names for tantric massage can be found by region. In some folk cultures, this massage is well known as the „Happy Ending“ massage. Tantric massage is a massage technique that engages your entire body, mind and emotional and spiritual body.

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The goal is to awaken your sexual energy, eliminate the shape, feel the intimacy and even train your stamina. That is the reason why is tantric massage so pleasurable. Being aware of every detail is arousing and relaxing as well. Tantric massage has also other benefits, including reducing stress, improving blood circulation, relaxing of the muscles. Tantric programmes begin with a namaste ritual and also ended with it. Masseuses and masseurs are highly professional and they care for your pleasure, health as well as your privacy. You can choose classic tantra or special programmes that will surprise you as well as your senses.